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What viewers are saying

"Powerful stuff! Great mental nutrition!"

– Dr. Michael P.

"Audio makes the hour drive go by! Helps me stay in my BUBBLE!"

– Dr. Lori L.

"I just want to pass on a thanks to everyone at SI. The recordings you guys provide have helped my control the dragons of fear in my head. I have stopped listening to the radio in the car. Every day I listen to one of your CDs. I think it has done wonders for controlling my bubble."

– Dr. William S.

"We really learned a lot of valuable information. I am building my human capital and implementing everything I have been learning from your program. I know it will pay off. Looking forward to learning more and growing our practice with New Patients. Thank you for inspiring me as I grow and learn."

– Dr. Greg P.

"Excellent presentation! [SI] is always a great speaker and on point. Thank you very much."

– Dr. Mark S.

"[The] message couldn’t have come at a better time. I feel recharged!"

– Dr. Erin R.

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